Since 1992, Clymac has delivered fully integrated fire systems with a focus on outstanding customer service.

Advanced products and efficient maintenance

Our pioneering products and solutions combined with our highly skilled people means we can provide a competitive, well-engineered service that supports the day-to-day needs of your business. Our teams will work with you to offer support from initial system design through to on-going maintenance of our installed systems.

Clymac works with like-minded organisations that share the same values and morals as those upheld by the Clymac team.

Fair, flexible & friendly

Clymac is totally focused on delivering exceptional end-to-end systems and services support to like-minded organisations. We recognise the importance of building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers to achieve service excellence.

Cost effective

Cutting-edge products, consistency of approach, and knowledgeable problem solvers allow us to deliver the highest level of savings to all of our clients, regardless if you have a single or multiple-site business.

Always reliable

Our dedicated team of maintenance and service engineers ensure compliance measures are consistently met. Likewise, our expert commissioning team always deliver new system handovers on time.

Get in touch to find out how our products and systems can meet your organisation’s needs.

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