Our social values and responsibilities reinforce our purpose and values.

It’s not just words but actions that make a difference

We strive to give back to our communities, both locally and globally. We work hard to reduce and offset our carbon footprint. We go that extra mile to offer employees a challenging and supportive place to work.

Giving back

We support and participate in a number of local and overseas charities:

Cameroon, Africa

We have been a long-term partner for SHUMAS, a charity providing schools, health centres and water for remote communities in Cameroon. Our staff have taken part in the building of schools locally in Cameroon and visit projects on a regular basis.

Cameroon, Africa, remote communities in Cameroon.

Helping the homeless

All our employees, many of whom are engineers working in and around major cities throughout the UK, are encouraged to buy food and a drink for the street homeless. We then reimburse the employee.

Photo of homeless person near stairwell

Matched fundraising

We applaud any fundraising/donation an individual employee may choose to do and happily match it with a company donation.

Man finishing a marathon while high fiving 2 people.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We work tirelessly to minimise the effect our activities directly have on the environment. We know no company works in isolation - our actions impact throughout the supply chain. We work closely with our suppliers to reduce all kinds of waste, be it packing or physical deliveries. All suppliers are vetted in line with our policy to safeguard fair pay and prevent child labour and excessive hours.

We recycle all waste where possible and offer a free-of-charge recycling scheme for our customers where faulty equipment has been replaced.

We are of course reducing our carbon footprint. It currently stands at under 550 tonnes of CO2 per annum. We offset all of this through donations to UK woodland trusts as recommended to us by the Carbon Trust.

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Clymac employee on the phone in the office.

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